Getting set up with Snoot:

Partnering with Snoot to create easily digestable view of your organisations development activity is easy and fast. We have an initial flat setup fee of €250 and offer competitive monthly subscriptions for organisations of all sizes.


Pricing for Snoot is centered around sources at a flat rate per source. A source can be:

  • A code repository
  • An issue tracker
  • A mailing list
  • An online messaging room/channel

To make pricing as simple as possible, each source costs the same, and sources with multiple features (for instance Gerrit, GitHub) count as a single source. The price per source goes down as you require more sources, and is fixed in segments as listed below. For FLOSS charities, we offer a sizeable discount on our services.

Base monthly price table:

Number of sources Base fee Unit price Monthly price


Prices include a best-effort type support. If your organisation has other needs, we're more than happy to discuss that.

Signing up:

If we haven't scared you away, you can always get in touch with us at - we'd be happy to provide a custom quote for your organisation and talk about how to proceed.